Sweatshirt – Trojan Records


Track 53 Produced by enjil the mathematician for uchi productions

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Trojan Record label sweatshirt

One of the most recognisable reggae record label motifs and a host its artists. We haven’t included the complete list of all the artists that appeared under Trojan Records but hope we’ve caught a few of everybody’s favourites.

Typeset in Rockwell Extra Bold.

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Product Name: Trojan Records sweatshirt Product Brand: uchi clothing co Product Description: Our Trojan Records design celebrates the great record labels' iconic motif and a host its artists. We hope we've caught a few of everybody's favourites. Product Image: https://uchi.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/1280x580trojan-mens-tshirt.jpg Product Price: 40 Price Currency: GBP Name Of The Seller: uchi clothing co