Hand printed T shirts, sweats and hoodies and limited edition screen prints…


We have a desire to express the lifestyles, sciences and art that inspire us.

Growing up immersed in Hip hop culture, I’ve always believed that Hip Hop is more than the usual depiction of rap music, dance and graffiti, etc. I wanted to create a brand that showed an intelligent and deeper understanding of the culture, and so, began uchi clothing.

Originally it was to be called “house” clothing. But, after working as a typesetter of Japanese text, it was changed to “uchi”, after the Japanese name for home and family. The Japanese word “uchi (うち/ 家 )“, has a much deeper and cultural meaning, and represents a more universal concept of ‘where someone belongs to‘. It was exactly how I saw Hip Hop and so it was a perfect fit for the brand!

Our Tees and hoodies are screen printed by hand by professional garment printers. We also utilise the latest direct to garmnet printing and eco friendly inks to produce our full colour range of T shirts.

We love screen printing, so we hand screen print our own limited edition prints ourselves. The screen printing process is as much a part of the art form as the finished result.

We believe that skills and dedication to crafts and disciplines, and to be true and authentic when delivered, is a huge part of Hip Hop culture. This essence of Hip Hop is why we do what we do, and how it is expressed.


We view every uchi T shirt design as a track, and our collections are albums.

Each track has it’s own story and methodology behind it, which sometimes may not be apparent at first (or second) glance.

A great deal of time and thought goes into creating what I hope are timeless designs that’ll still look good long after fashions change. Like the old-school tune that still sounds good today, our collections are albums with each design a classic track you’ll never tire of wearing. Eventually, you may get one or two scratches on it, but only because you’ve played it too much!

Typography plays an important part in our designs. The text on Weapons of Mass Instruction is derived from the lettering on the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.


enjil the mathematician

Enjil the mathematician is the more conscious and mellow side of uchi. He loves intricate patterns and attention to detail. You can find Enjil playing chess, practising tai chi and talking about science, philosophy and existence…

Tracks by Enjil the Mathematician


Uchigothic brings his Hip Hop roots, love of comic books and his sometimes militant and sometimes dark thoughts to the uchi brand. Mixing a looser graphic style and classic lyrics, he is considered to be the yang to uchi’s Enjil the Mathematician.

Tracks by uchigothic

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