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Stereotype sweatshirt

1. a person or thing regarded as a conventional type rather than an individual; a preconceived and over-simplified idea of the characteristics which typify a person
2. a printing-plate cast from a mould made from composed type or an original plate

1. view or represent as a stereotype


Typographic Periodic Table

There are many classification systems of type. Here, I’ve tried to match the main type categories with the element groups on the Periodic Table…


The Revolution Will Be In Avant Garde Gothic

Track 51, The Revolution Will Be In Avant Garde Gothic now available on Sunflower Yellow and Cream colour Tees.


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uchi clothing was born out of a desire to express the lifestyles, sciences and art that inspire us. Every uchi T shirt design is a track, every collection is an album. Like the old school tune, that still sounds good today, we hope each uchi T shirt is a classic you’ll never tire of wearing.


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