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These Are The Breaks Remix

For your viewing pleasure, give a big handclap to the Roland TR-808 drum machine , the AKAI MPC 60 sequencer, the E-mu SP-1200 sampler and last but not least, the Technics SL1200 turntable spinning none other than “The Breaks” 12 inch by Kurtis Blow.” These Are The Breaks” is proudly bought to you in the classic uchi four square format…


Stereotype T shirts and Sweatshirts

1. a person or thing regarded as a conventional type rather than an individual; a preconceived and over-simplified idea of the characteristics which typify a person
2. a printing-plate cast from a mould made from composed type or an original plate

1. view or represent as a stereotype


Trojan Records T shirt

Track 53, Trojan Records T shirt now available on Sunflower Yellow and Cream colour Tees.


The Big Payback - Vinyl Records T shirt

We love vinyl records!
Here are the latest two uchi vinyl-related T shirts and the stories behind them…


The Revolution Will Be In Avant Garde Gothic

Track 51, The Revolution Will Be In Avant Garde Gothic now available on Sunflower Yellow and Cream colour Tees.


Typographic Periodic Table

There are many classification systems of type. Here, I’ve tried to match the main type categories with the element groups on the Periodic Table…


Featured Limited Edition Screen Prints

Star Wars v London - Incident at Tower Bridge


The third limited edition screen print uchi collaboration with IX T shirts



uchi clothing was born out of a desire to express the lifestyles, sciences and art that inspire us. Every uchi T shirt design is a track, every collection is an album. Like the old school tune, that still sounds good today, we hope each uchi T shirt is a classic you’ll never tire of wearing.

Star Wars – Incident at Tower Bridge

Incident at Tower Bridge – limited edition screen prints. The Millennium Falcon and an X wing pursue three TIE Fighters on their way to attack a key Alliance stronghold along the River Thames. Will they be stopped in time?

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Music to create to – Solitude by Daryl Donald

‘Solitude’ is an instrumental journey into a realm of laid-back jazz, hip hop and neo-soul ambient vibes over expert production skills.

Name of Reviewed Item: Solitude by Daryl Donald Image: https://uchi.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/cover.jpg Review Author:Review Date:
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Star Wars vs Bristol Episode 1 and 2 Limited Edition Screen Prints and T shirts

Star Wars vs Bristol Episode I and II. Star wars meets Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge in this fine art screen print and T shirt collaboration between uchi clothing and IX T shirts.

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