Modern & Vintage Timepiece Art

uchi horology series ホロロジー シリーズ

Imagine capturing the style, essence, heritage and magic of a favourite classic timepiece and putting it on your wall –
or wearing it on a stylish t-shirt?
You can, and here’s how…

Modern & Vintage Timepiece Art - uchi horology series
With our new Uchi Horology Series of timepiece art, we uniquely combine exquisite technical draughtsmanship with the personality of your favourite watches and their stories.

Whether it’s wall art for your home or office, or a conversation-starting t-shirt, Uchi watch art and timepiece related clothing continues our tradition.

It’s a tradition for the novel interpretation of cultural, scientific and mathematical themes through unique, lovingly crafted collectible art works.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Horology Print

We start with a classic modern or vintage timepiece

We could have just set out to design and print a faithful depiction of your favourite modern and vintage timepiece – stunning watches such as the Rolex Submariner, Heuer Autavia or Seiko SKX007 diver’s watch. Done well, such images have technical precision befitting masterpieces of horological art. This is technical illustration with an artistic finish and it looks great on walls or garments…Alternatively, we could have created watch prints and t-shirts with a more abstract take on horology. Now we’re entering the realm of Picasso’s melting watches, photorealistic timepiece metal prints and surrealistic pocket watch art…

Taking Uchi into timepiece art

Given what Uchi has done successfully for over 20 years, it was logical to continue with more of the same. However, this time we’ve applied the Uchi approach to timepiece art prints and clothing. Welcome to the Uchi Horological Series.

We thought we’d launch Uchi Horology with the aroma of high-octane fuel and the growl of racing engines… How? By exploring the classic Heuer Monaco Ref. 1133B, powered by the renowned Caliber 11 (Cal. 11) automatic chronograph movement. You probably know it well: it’s the wristwatch made famous by the late Steve McQueen – the King of Cool – in the classic car-racing movie Le Mans. And it’s a luxury watch that, by a twist of film-making fate, found its way into cinematic, motor sport and horological history on McQueen’s wrist.

Who knows where in the world of watches and watch art the Uchi Horological Series will lead… One thing is certain, that we’d love you to enjoy the journey with us, by choosing from our new collection of timepiece art and watch clothing…

Choose your unique timepiece art now.

TAG Heuer Monaco No 1 Art Print

Watch this space

We’re just getting started… More timepiece art works on their way…

More on the Uchi Horology Series

The Uchi brand grew from a passion for Japanese culture, design and language (Uchi translates as ‘Home’ and ‘Family’). And from a desire to capture ideas behind Hip Hop culture, mathematics and science. Our philosophy and its practical manifestation has always been about quality design and authenticity, And, of course, respect for the inspiration behind our designs or garments.

Authenticity; never parody

Uchi will never be about mere parody. Like the most respected timepiece brands, companies such as TAG Heuer, Audemars Piguet, Breguet and Seiko, who have defined luxury watchmaking for centuries, everything we do is driven by integrity, value, quality and delivering pleasure at many different levels.

At the heart of the Uchi Horology Series

Horology is a well-established word in English that can refer to either the study and measurement of time or the art of making clocks and watches. It comes from the old French horloge, which in turn comes from the Latin Horologium (meaning timepiece) and the ancient Greek word horologos (literally meaning ‘hour telling’). From this we also get the words horologist and horological.

There’s no word for ‘horology’ in Japanese

In Japan there’s a long tradition of innovative timekeeping. It goes back to the ingenuity of Chinese inventors and the arrival of Buddhism in the 500s. Despite this, translating ‘horology’ into Japanese is problematic.

That’s interesting, given Japanese technical capability. And how, before Japan adopted the western time system, special clocks displayed time according to a centuries-old lunar system.

For more information on the development of the Japanese clock and watch industry, we recommend that you read A Journey in Time. The Remarkable Story of Seiko by John Goodall. It’s available as a free PDF download; as well as a detailed exposition of Seiko history until 2003, it also discusses the history of Japanese clock and watchmaking.
Modern & Vintage Timepiece Art - uchi horology series

So it’s the Uchi ‘horology series’

In fact, there isn’t a direct equivalent for ‘horology’ in the sense that we know it. We encountered this when naming the Uchi Horology Series. The closest would be 時計学 (Tokei-gaku) which literally means watchmaking. As Uchi is not a watchmaker, 時計学シリーズ (watchmaking series) would probably confuse. What’s more, Orologi is already used as Japanese transliterations for Italian brands like Brera and Armani in Japanese markets. Because of this, the most logical choice was the romaji of the more encompassing Horology Series (ホロロジー シリーズ ).

Look out for this on every Uchi Horological Series timepiece art work, print or garment.

uchi Timepiece Art - SEIKO SKX Mod D horology wall art

uchi horology series

uchi horology series
Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Horology Print

More than just accurate watch drawings

Any competent draftsperson can capture the form of a luxury watch – a Rolex Submariner, Omega Speedmaster, IWC Big Pilot’s Watch or Patek Phillipe’s Gerald Genta-designed Nautilus. As we said earlier, that’s technical illustration meeting art. Equally, skilled artists can create stunning art with the concepts of time and timepieces.

Taking watch prints and timepiece clothing further

What we do with our unique Uchi watch prints and timepiece-inspired clothing goes a stage further. How? We won’t spoil the pleasure and reward of exploring the many levels of an Uchi Horological Series print or garment for yourself. Suffice to say that each print or garment has been designed and crafted to delight in many different ways…

Executed with skill and passion

Whatever watches and ideas we combine in timepiece art, the unifying component is the execution of your art print, t-shirt or other clothing. To achieve this, we apply the same knowledge, craft skills and passion that have won Uchi classics friends around the world.
Will you order one stunning digital print or several t-shirts? How about a complementary print and t-shirt set? Either way, you, or a lucky gift recipient, will enjoy a horological artwork crafted with the same passion as the watch it depicts.

At Uchi, we’re sticklers for print and t-shirt quality. As trained printers, specialising in screen printing and specialist art printing, we’re ideally placed to deliver the quality you expect at a price that you’ll love.

SEIKO SKX Mod A art print

Hand-printed by our founder

Whether you choose a screen print, high-quality digital print, or limited edition Giclée print of a favourite timepiece, we’ll have lived with the art work or garment from conception to delivery. In fact, if it’s a screen print, your garment may even have been hand-printed printed by our founder and owner!

Our challenge to you is to choose and enjoy our take on classic horology. And while you do so, discover how much more there can be to timepiece art than just a stunning image.

So, which Uchi timepiece art will you choose?

Like owning a fine watch, with the Uchi Horological Series, seeing and wearing is the key to believing. So which of our art works will you put on your wall – or rock when the sun shines and it’s time to pull on a striking fresh tee?

Welcome to our unique Uchi Horology Series.

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