Another classic joint from Bristol’s favourite Hip Hop producer, Vice Beats. A great tribute to Tribe’s Phife Dawg.

Many thanks for this bro.

This tribute is in honour of the sad passing of the incredibly talented MC Phife Dawg. As a member of A Tribe Called Quest, and talented artist in his own right, Phife’s battle with Diabetes was well documented.

1nce Again is one of my favourite tracks of all time irrespective of genre, as it is with many people. I wanted to give this track to Phife in person at some point, but after missing his last gig for Doctors Orders last year that opportunity never arose.

I hope you enjoy this tribute, featuring some lovely Sax elements courtesy of Bristol based beatmaker Mr.Bim, and thank you for listening.

Rest in Beats Phife, we love and miss you.


Released March 31, 2016 Vice Beats

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