Solo project – New EP from Uchigothic

With remarks such as “not being allowed to shine” and “holding back creativity”, Uchigothic, uchi’s alter ego has begun a solo project.  This new EP will contain some new work and some previously unseen work, as well as collaborations with the other uchi member, Enjil The Mathematician.

Uchigothic was unavailable to comment, but Enjil told us:

“I think this is great and has been a long time coming. For a while, there’s been some creative differences. I admit, he’s never been allowed total freedom because his style is very dark and sometimes controversial. Infact, we all have our own style. It’s exciting. Now we can go and do things that perhaps wouldn’t fit with the uchi brand. That said, no one can deny the contribution Uchigothic has made. uchi would be a lot different without him”.

Uchigothic’s work for uchi has been unashamedly Hip Hop in nature, with his raw style of using classic lyrics and anti establishment tones. At least, that’s what he brought to the uchi label. Based on the two designs we observed being screen printed yesterday, this lone pursuit has a more mainstream feel to it than what we’d expect, even from uchi. We eagerly await more…

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