Our latest tracks are a remix of the best selling Pi T shirt and our own take on the classic 45 rpm record adapter t shirt.

I recently heard of the origins of the 45 rpm record adaptor, which explains why, growing up, it was only needed on the reggae singles in my house.

In the early days, DJ’s in Jamaica would need to turn records over quickly, attempting to keep the tempo and the party going. However, the size of the centre hole made this awkward and time consuming, especially in low light. They decided to punch out a larger hole in the 45s and add a spindle to the turntable, so that the record, with minimum interruption, could easily be flipped over with one hand, whilst still holding the microphone in the other. The record labels eventually began to manufacture all 7 inch singles without the centre piece and the RCA Corporation introduced the plastic snap-in Spider adaptor to fill in the gap. There it is.

Three Point One Four

Pi squared men’s T shirt

Mens dark grey 45 rpm adaptor T shirt

45 rpm adaptor men’s T shirt

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