Protect Ya Neck Large Format Canvas Pop Art Prints

By popular demand the Protect Ya Neck screen print has been requested, not only for T shirts but now on a 48 x 48 inch canvas. We thought this wasn’t going to be easy but we managed to pull it off. We are really pleased with how these look and the quality of the canvases are great.

Protect Ya Neck - lyrics - large format canvas

Protect Ya Neck large canvas

Track 58

A high quality, signed canvas print using solvent free inks.

Art Print dimensions:
Maximum canvas size 50 x 50 inch (1270mm x 1270mm)
Image size is 48 x 48 inches (1220mm x 1220mm)

Custom sizes available. Please get in touch if you’d like to see this canvas in a different size.

Protect Ya Neck - dots - large format canvas

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