We got black uchi gothic hoodies with hats to match
Faces blurred like CCTV’s on Crimewatch
Even if we stepped up in front real slow
Heads still be scratching, trying to read the logo
Leave no footprints, DNA untraceable
Call the experts, forensics incapable
of deciphering the science that’s under noses
We come straight from the underground smelling like roses
Technicolor like Joseph, been here since Moses
We parted the Red Sea with Shaolin poses
Check your memory we’re changing history
Playing with your psyche as we rearrange reality
You never saw us creep up your staircases
and manoeuvre thru with unfamilliar faces
With silent intefaces
We communicate from distant places
While you reminisce about Bboying with phat laces.

Taken from the album: vapours

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