Order Out of Chaos Mix – FREE download

Order Out of Chaos Mix – FREE download

Good things come to those that wait. We’ve finally decided to produce an album of music to go with our clothing album.  It’s been a while, but The Order Out of Chaos Mix is finally here, as a free download or CD. The musical accompaniment to uchi’s Order Out of Chaos ‘album‘ of T shirt designs has been thoughtfully put together by Vice Beats. Vice is the production arm of The Delegates Of Rhyme, Genius Collective, the host of the Wordplay Magazine Podcast & owner of Street Soul Studios in Bristol.

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Order Out of Chaos album packaging

Order Out Of Chaos is one of the many amazing albums created by Bristol based clothing label uchi. The brand’s identity is synonymous with hip-hop, so combining music with art seemed a natural progression.

So, uchi and Vice are very proud to present The Order Out Of Chaos Mix. We’re not following trends, playing what’s “hot right now” or following the masses, we’ve built a tracklist of incredible musicians who have shaped Vice’s view of music, and in turn inspired future creations from uchi, thus continuing the creative cycle. If you enjoy the mix, please take the time to share it, show friends, and most of all enjoy it and support the artists involved.

Thank you, truly, for supporting our scene and crafts.
Peace and blessings
Michael (uchi) and James (Vice)

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