Men’s T shirt – TAG Heuer Monaco No 1 / Blue


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100% Combed Cotton / White


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Here’s our unique take on the Heuer Monaco. Not just any old Heuer Monaco either, but the famous Cal. 11 powered Ref. 1133B ‘Steve McQueen Monaco’. The watch that made history on McQueen’s wrist in the movie Le Mans…

Highlights of this design include Heuer’s exquisite Cal. 11 movement. Then we added some Junghans references (imagine if Max Bill had designed the Monaco). There’s more than a nod to Jo Siffert’s Porsche 917K (Kurzheck, or short tail) too. In particular, references to the Number 20 car (chassis 917-024) driven by McQueen’s character, Mike Delaney.

We bring everything together with a unique Uchi treatment showcasing our graphic design, typography, technical communication and design-for-print skills.

We hope you love your Heuer Monaco timepiece art as much as we’ve enjoyed researching, designing and printing it for you.

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Product Name: TAG Heuer Monaco T shirt No 1 (blue) Product Brand: uchi clothing co Product Description: Seeking unique TAG Heuer Monaco watch artwork or clothing? Uchi design meets the Steve McQueen watch in these original art works. Buy yours here… Product Image: Product Price: 25.00 Price Currency: GBP Name Of The Seller: uchi clothing co

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