Music to create to – Solitude by Daryl Donald

Music to create to – Solitude by Daryl Donald

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“I take most of my inspiration from artists outside of hip hop and incorporate it into my sound which (hopefully) makes my stuff stand out a little bit. I take a lot of influence from Progressive Rock, Jazz Fusion, Ambient and early Electronic music. “

Daryl Donald


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I was blessed to be introduced to some new music a few months back from Edinburgh based producer Daryl Donald. This debut album Solitude‘ incorporates some welcoming laid back neo soul/jazz and hip hop instrumentals on top of some expert producing skills. I planned to share this when I first had it but didn’t get around to it. After a few months, I’m still loving the ambient vibe, the breaks and samples. For me, it’s aptly titled; it invokes a nostalgic feel that takes me back to when uchi started and is great music for working on creative projects. Check it out.

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