SEIKO SKX diver watch Mod A – horology art T shirt


uchi horology series

Seiko SKX Watch T shirt based on the Seiko SKX diver's watch.
100% Combed Cotton / white – Printed to order.


More about this track

Part one of the Seiko diver watch art series. This SKX watch art T shirt celebrates the iconic Seiko diver’s watch, the SKX series. The Seiko diver watch is popular among watch enthusiasts for its affordability, robustness and the ability to customize the watch relatively easily. This unique watch T shirt reflects this modification element of the SKX with a series of different variations of the watch face, bezel and hands. The horology art incorporates Seiko’s rich horology heritage, the 7s26 watch movement, SKX day date wheel, diver references and the famous Hokusai Great Wave featured on the back of the watch case.

We hope you love your Seiko SKX T shirt as much as we’ve enjoyed researching, designing and printing it for you.

Product Name: SEIKO SKX diver watch Mod A - horology art T shirt Product Brand: uchi clothing co Product Description: Seeking unique SEIKO SKX diver watch artwork or clothing? Uchi design meets the SKX Diver watch in these original horology art works. Buy yours here… Product Image: Price Currency: GBP Name Of The Seller: uchi clothing co

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